Thank you for visiting the Scandalmongers website. Scandalmongers is no more! After 5 amazing years in Thanet, Kent, storyteller Emily Parrish (now Emily Hennessey) has moved to Cumbria to start a new storytelling life. Why not visit her website here:


Scandalmongers was a storytelling theatre company dedicated to exploring the ancient art of storytelling as oral tradition within a contemporary context. 

Passionate about storytelling as live performance, we brought exciting new work to both theatre and non-theatre spaces. From site-specific projects in old boats to storytelling walks along the coast to performances in theatres, galleries and arts centres, we engaged with audiences of all ages, aiming to inspire, entertain, move and enthral. 

Playful, highly imaginative and daring to take risks, we worked with myths, legends, epics, folktales, fairytales and fables from around the world. For us, storytelling was about lifting the story off the page and sharing it in a way that is both live and alive. 

Scandalmongers was a collective of performers from storytellers to musicians to actors.
Scandalmongers was run by storyteller, Emily Parrish.